Friday, January 15, 2010

Back At It

No blog since November 10? In case someone was wondering if I had died, the answer is no, but I felt, now and then, sort of like I was. My lumbar spine, slowing giving out over the past decade or so, gave up completely. The first signal was pain in the posterior region of my acetabulum, the back of my right hip. Gradually the pain moved down the outside of my thigh, under my knee, and down my shin to the top of my right foot. "Classic presentation," said the spine surgeon in Billings, Montana. I said the pain, classic or not, was keeping me pretty much off my feet. So he operated, removing bits of my lower two vertebrae and a smidge of my sacrum to make room for the nerves to emerge freely. I am quite happy to report I feel like a new man--or at least a man with a new lower spine.

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ajuliano said...

Hope you're feeling better and will be hiking and posting here soon. Just reviewed your contributions to the, "Prepared to Survive" video again and I think it is an outstanding piece of work.