Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WFA in the News

A meeting of the minds of the largest providers of wild med training, an effort spearheaded by Tod Schimelpfenig of the Wilderness Medicine Institute and David Johnson of Wilderness Medical Associates, produced a first draft of minimum requirements and scope of practice for wilderness first aid. Several attempts to produce such a document in the past failed despite the fact that, as Tod says, in his opinion, ". . . the content of the major providers is very consistent." Tod continued: "Conversations with David Johnson, MD, of WMA over the past year, and the actions of the BSA WFA curriculum project led us to sense we are at a tipping point and should move forward on these questions of standard content." Perhaps at last the time has come for a national standard. I have certainly witnessed a few near misses. If you're interested in taking a look at the document, send me a comment with the email address you wish it sent to. And you can read more at www.wildmed.com/blog/is-there-a-standard-in-wilderness-medicine-training/.

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Michael Bresnahan said...

Please send me a copy of the document
Michael Bresnahan, Scoutmaster Troop 564, Minocqua, WI