Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back To It

Hard to believe, it is, that almost a month has zipped past--and I apologize for being away so long (just in case anyone is reading this). Here is part of my excuse: picking up Bo, my littlest and youngest daughter, pain shot through my lower back. I could walk, hunched over, and it felt better to sit still. No pain radiated down either leg. My self-assessment: pulled muscle. And I was correct, I learned, after a visit to the doc. Cold packs were indicated, and they helped, as did gentle stretches from a seated position. The doc recommended putting one ankle on the opposite knee and leaning forward slowly for the stretch. I now recommend the same stretch for easing tension in the lumbar region. Two chiropractic adjustments have been worth the time. Sleeping has been easiest on my side. Despite my preference for sitting still, slow walks have helped circulation and, therefore, healing. But it remains important to forego any lifting and toting. After a week, life has become much better--though stiffness and some soreness nag. If this happened on the trail, I'd do the same thing . . . excepting, of course, the chiropractor.


Bill B. said...

Sorry to hear about the recent incident, Buck. I've heard back injuries are brutal.

Good to hear that you're on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are on the road to recovery

Brian said...

Hey Buck, Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope you're going to winter OR in SLC...I'd love to see you. All your friends at Celtic say "hello."