Monday, November 10, 2008

Naked or Not

With the temps decreasing, the questions concerning sleeping warm are on the rise. Lately, this has been the most common one: Should I sleep naked in my bag or in clothes? As with so much in life, no answer addresses all situations. If your sleeping bag contains adequate insulation for the temperature, and if your bag contains the proper amount of room inside for you, most people sleep better, and warmer, in long underwear or at least a layer of light clothing--and your bag stays cleaner. What you never want to do is dress in extra layers that compress your bag's insulation. You need the dead air created by insulation to hold in your body's heat. If you have a roomy bag, you can safely sleep in extra layers for extra warmth. If you find yourself in a chilly bag without extra room, you might sleep warmer naked. You won't know for sure without experimentation.

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