Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When you have a "real" job, which I think I do, it's simply amazing how quickly the days pass between postings. Once upon a time--and for more than 20 years--I worked in the field of wilderness medicine--and that was all I did to earn a living (and my mom still asks if that was a real job). Now I have to be on campus and at least near my office every morning by 8:30-ish. Otherwise the administration of Central Wyoming College becomes . . . well, suspicious. It is, to say the least, astounding that it's been almost a month since I posted.

In that month, however, I received the third edition of Wilderness First Responder, one of only two books I've written that has (1) not only persisted but also (2) received an award for being well written (that award coming from the American Medical Writers Association). It has once again been adopted for another year by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) as their text for WFR courses, despite the fact that the picture on the front cover shows a young man pulling an elastic wrap onto an extremity instead of rolling it on, something that disturbs me a bit. Anyway, you can find the book by clicking on Buck's Books back on my home page or going directly to www.amazon.com. And if you check here regulary, I apologize for being away.

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Michael Bresnahan said...

no worries, I check in on a regular basis