Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adios Iodine

The European Union has banned the sale of iodine as a water disinfectant as of 25 October 2009, a decision that will affect all 27 countries that are members of the EU. Will this decision lap over into the United States? Who knows? The potential for a global impact certainly exists. The use of iodine in field water treatment has been questioned by some authorities for years, primarily due to the lack of definitive info--is it safe? or is it not safe?--and so far I have not found any reasons clarifying why the EU made their decision. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still approves use of iodine but warns the use should be limited to no more than "a few weeks." Consumption of iodinated water remains contra-indicated for pregnant women, anyone with a history of thyroid disease, and anyone with a known allergic response to iodine. You can find a few more details at


info said...

Why it is restated here that iodine is contraindicated for pregnancy and should not be taken for longer periods, is beyond comprehension. The world expert on iodine, Dr David Browstein has been using high doses of iodine in his clinic for 15 years with outstanding results. He sells books and a DVD on this information which everyone should see.

Buck said...

Dr. David Brownstein (not Browstein) has brilliantly defended iodine in his book "Iodine," but he remains a minority voice. He may be someday proven correct. For now, the contra-indications for use of iodine are maintained by the CDC. Of course, everyone is free to choose.