Sunday, August 3, 2008

Outdoor Retailer

I leave in a few days for the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, my 34th stint in the First Aid Station. After thousands of OR patients, most of them non-serious, I know what I'll see: People forgetting some of the basics of a healthy life. They'll wear pretty shoes that rub them the wrong way, they'll dehydrate, they'll fail to get enough rest, and they'll eat way too much and/or something strange to their digestive systems. But, on the other helping hand, it's sort of like job security for me.
I'll be signing free copies of my new book (Knots You Need, totally non-medical) on Aug 8 at 4PM and Aug 9 at 5PM. If you can't drop by, you can always order (and pay for) a copy (, and if you do, I thank you.

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Brian said...

Great post Buck. I have to laugh. Your advice on how to make it through the show is the same advice I give my kids...get some rest....stay hydrated...wear comfortable shoe, etc. It's the basics of life, yet all of us ignore it the second we hit the ground in Salt Lake City. I gurantee you'll I'll eat way too much, stay up way too late and wear my uncomfortable shoes. Then I'll get up in the morning and wonderful why I feel like crap. You gotta love trade shows! See you at OR.