Saturday, July 12, 2008


Could be the name of a Knight Templar, but picaridin is an insect repellent, available in the U. S. only relatively recently, although it has been on store shelves in Asia, Europe, and Australia for far longer. It is derived from a substance known as piperidine and was first developed by the people who make Bayer. The EPA has approved it for anyone three years old and up. Less irritating than DEET, and with no indication of any toxicity whatsoever, it works about as well, in the only study done so far, as six percent DEET--which means you have to apply it more often than DEET. I just returned from a trip into Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND (I love the Badlands) where mosquitoes were moderately nagging problems, as usual, at dawn and dusk. I used picaridin ( and found it not only much more pleasant to use that DEET but satisfyingly effective in the conditions on the trail and in camp.

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